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hablar de volver a Tokyo


Strassenecke (Street Corner), 2003  Julian Faulhaber

Francisco Sierra, Joint nº2, 2014, oil on canvas, 30 × 40 cm
High on this pedestal, your being is

In many ways, all I’ve expected from you was compassion.
I prayed to make you proud. You’d point a way and I’d get ready for the stride.
Paths have not always been too bright, and the winds in my heart make your light flicker.
Poison from elixir. Elixir from poison.
You remain wholesome and I deteriorate in space.
I learn things the hard way and you hang your head.
My morals don’t go away, my flaws become new scars and I still seek your light before the gusts turn you into smoke.
The sun watching reminds me of you and sometimes I need the night. Your rays penetrate right through me, and I can’t find a way to become solid.
Like the wax from your heat.
Sometimes I need the cold and the dark to harden up.
But I always come back and I always want to show you this prize — that I’m still alive and I’m not burning too fast.
I carry your light at my pace, I’m learning things at my pace and I will continue to spread this brightness you gave me from the start. Even if I’m stuck in this waltz with the night.


Diary of a Drug Fiend