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hablar de volver a Tokyo

*thinks of str8 bae*


Women :: “Locust Valley”
Public Strain (2010)

this is song is my entire life

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absinthe lullabies

Press play on your dreams just before you fall asleep.
I want to hear your voice.
Witness every thought make it’s way through the air and walls.
Ask you to pause and rewind.
Something points me to the flask you had
The yellow lighter you carried and waved with from afar.
It’s all the little things that make you who you are and the bigger things that eat you up.
Empty it all out for me; for my soul I want you to keep.

Drink me until the blue stains your lips, until I can’t be contained behind your teeth.
Rise with me as the sun decides it’s time for the moon to play outside.

I’ve never had enough, you’ll say and I’ll nod your way. We’ll skip the clothes freshly taken off our flesh and fast forward to waking up in your bed. Watching trees and leaves rhyming with the wind, and our bodies hanging as branches during the fall.

I’ve been working on this poem since yesterday and I think it’s all over the place can someone please advise


Madrid. Palacio Cristal. Retiro Park