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hablar de volver a Tokyo


Barbara Kruger

فتاة حسنة

B. Y. E
my favorite

The scenario repeats in my head like the lyrics to the song you can’t forget
You mouth each word like you get paid to say
“lay me by your side or take me away,”
The gun is pointed to my head, the bodies circle me in.
“this dream doesn’t stand a chance without you I fall —I pray to god”
If there’s any mercy, let it show now. I shake and a thousand hands pull the drags away
“to wake up by your side or he himself can smite me back to life”
My pockets are emptied my bag is slashed, then they ran. Like a game of Tag.
“Selfish of me it would be, to take it all in”
Taking all vital signs, the street lights faded black, and I stayed alive without a piece of mind.


Japanese Magazine Cover: Many faces of Doraemon. Relax. 2002